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War is a Racket





The Plot To
Seize The White House
- by Jules Archer


Ten days after this book was published in early 1973, the United States Government (CIA?) pulled this book off National bookshelves and seized every copy in print that they could find.


Net4Truth / Telson USA Web Enterprises has, through contacts made via our many affiliates, located several paperback copies of this book.  Since the information contained within its pages is something that this corrupt, immoral, criminal, and treasonous government does not want you the people to see, our webmaster has taken the time to OCR-scan each of the pages in this book, reformat the text to fit the 6 x 9 - inch format it is published in, and reproduced it here to make it available to you the people, who have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to read it.


We have also simultaneously published the (verbatim reprint) of this book in other formats - including PDF and .PRC format, so that it may be read on Palm Pilots, PCs, and distributed widely enough to make it IMPOSSIBLE for it to ever be censored again.


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"War Is A Racket" by Smedley Butler

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Plot To Seize White House- Broadcast your self LIVE

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The Late Art Bernklau, former Executive Director of Veterans For Constitutional Law was a guest on Republic Radio Jan 5, 2008 He discussed Gun Control and the "Veteran's Disarmament Act" HR 2640 Senate Bill S2804, and in the second hour he talks about the reprint of the banned book "The Plot To Seize The White House". Download the archived broadcast (80 minutes MP3).


On June 13, 2008 David Todeschini was a guest on Radio Liberty discussing this book.
Download the radio program (MP3) from any of these LuLu Bookstores (free)
Net4TruthUSA http://www.lulu.com/content/2711777
Radio Liberty http://www.lulu.com/content/2711844
Veterans For Constitutional Law http://www.lulu.com/content/2711934
Telson USA http://www.lulu.com/content/2711979



By the time you read this page, this book (copyright expired under the old copyright law, author is deceased), besides again being made available in hardcopy (both hardcover and paperback) the book will have made its way into every electronic distribution venue of note on the planet.


I am not going to review the book here. No "excerpts" will be presented, because you can read the entire book right here on this Web site. The government suppression of this book has been discussed numerous times on radio talk shows, and copies of the original hardcover edition of this book have sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars. As of July 22, 2007, a wide-sweeping search of every book distributor on the planet, every auction house of note (except eBay), Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, et al. has not yielded a single copy that could be bought - not a single one. The ones listed on eBay are "collector's items" and the quantity is limited to the inventories of rare book dealers.


Although Amazon lists "used and new" copies as "available", trying to order a copy takes you to a "dead" page, and yields no results. Three Web sites that appeared in search engine listings that had links to MS-Word, HTML, and PDF copies of the book all ended in "404 Page Not Found" errors. The only place we could find copies of this book were on eBay - in listings from rare book dealers.


As you read this - that situation has been remedied. You can read the entire book online on this Web site. Since we have multiple "mirror" sites, a "dead" link is most unlikely. In addition, I have copied the files onto CD, and have given them away to friends and strangers who had expressed an interest in this book - and so we have effectively thwarted even the government's best efforts to get it out of circulation.


I may end up dead for my trouble, but if we don't put an end - and a swift end - to the censorship of the truth, life in this country won't be worth living much longer - but MY reward is kept safe in a place ".... where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal". - Matthew 6:20b (KJV).


Proceeds from the sale of this reprinted book will be re-invested into our campaign to make the title of the book a household name, and content of it common knowledge. 

Make no mistake - the risk we take in releasing this title is not inconsequential. There has been attempts to censor the content of this Web site before; and as always, when one sticks his head above the crowd and tries to educate "Joe six-pack" - inevitably, that person will be slandered, libeled, demonized, called "a kook", "a nut", "a conspiracy theorist", and an interminable litany of other names and epithets unbefitting his efforts to remain true to the truth, and be the American Patriot that very few people in this country have the balls to be.


All of us - even the most dyed-in-the-wool, redneck, flag-waving, CNN / FOX / MS-NBC /ABC / Time-Warner-AOL News-believing, Bush-supporting imbecile - knows that the "terrorist" attacks of September 11, 2001 were a "false flag operation" designed to rally the American People behind the Bush regime's war-crimes war in the Middle East. Why are we still there? Why are these criminals not indicted? Hasn't this world seen enough of mass-murder and raving sociopath lunatics in political office? Isn't the truth obvious yet?


Some of us may be in denial; that the country we love and loved all of our lives has degenerated into a Techno-Nazi dictatorship sub nom; but we know that it is true.... in our heart of hearts we know it is true. We have the Northwoods Document, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, Operation Phoenix, Operation Gladio, the Tuskegee experiments, and a host of other government-sponsored criminal and terrorist acts to validate our suspicions, and to keep our cognitive dissonance alive. Others have done such a marvelous job of exposing these crimes against humanity - and that is precisely what they are - that I can do no more justice to the cause by re-inventing the wheel. I refer you to an exhaustive list of Video Documentaries and Archived Radio Programs for you to download and listen to, and I implore you to get a copy of this book before publishing the truth in this once-great nation becomes a long-lost memory, and everything in print and on the Internet is subject to review and censorship by the Orwellian Nazi nightmare looming in the shadows in Washington, DC.


While you are on this page, I would also like to recommend to you:


"Land of Childhood's Fears" - by David Todeschini
"Brotherhood of Darkness" - by Doctor Stan Monteith


Other great books you should read are:

"Behold a Pale Horse" - by William Cooper
"The Unseen Hand" - by Ralph Epperson


The above links are actively maintained to go to reliable sources of these books.



Knowing the truth gives you power. Knowing the truth will allow you to survive the Techno-Nazi dictatorship that is about to be unleashed upon this once great nation. I say this with great trepidation because I love my country; I love what it stands for; I love its people, its majestic natural beauty, and I love everything about it - it has been my home all of my life; I fought for "freedom's calling" in The Land of Childhood's Fears in Vietnam.... and I hate and despise anything and anyone who threatens or attacks it.... no matter WHO they are, or WHAT they call themselves. I despise the people who are trying to twist and degenerate this government - and our way of life in this country - into something satanic, wrong, and immoral.


I'm no "saint" - by any stretch of the imagination; but these criminals need to be stopped, and those who have perpetrated treason, sedition, murder, and techno-genocide - need to be brought to the bar of Justice to answer and pay for their crimes against peace-loving, innocent people. The root of this corruption is Sovereign Immunity. We intend to repeal it in its entirety. Read about the foul things perpetrated on Americans by the "legal system", and see how all of us working together can make America the Country it was meant to be.



By reading this book; by understanding it; by passing around the information, you are doing YOUR part in eliminating what COULD be.... and what looks like is GOING to be another Reich - The "Fourth Reich"  that Adolph Hitler wrote about in Mein Kampf.


We don't want to have this happen in this country.... please.... support our efforts.


 Click here and sign the petition to STOP Bush's war crimes in the Middle-East

Copyright (c) 1973 by Jules Archer. Copyright under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review. All inquiries should be addressed to Hawthorn Books, Inc., 260 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016. This book was manufactured in the United States of America and published simultaneously in Canada by Prentice-Hall of Canada, Limited, 1870 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, Ontario.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 76-39261.

The book tells the shocking true story of how United States Marine Corps Major General Smedley Darlington Butler was the savior of our Republic from a fascist plot by Wall Street plutocratic militarists in the early 1930s.


Chilling reading as Jules Archer tells the story of the attempted Wall Street against FDR. Maj. Smedley Butler, a Republican exposed the Morgan - DuPont financed coup against the President and the American people before Congress ( the McCormick - Dickstein Committee )and the plot crumpled. But Wall Street has always favored Pro - Business, War Making Regimes, with more than a pinch a racism. Wall Street wanted to remove FDR ( too radical ) or make him a " figurehead " as a front man for a fascist government. The Military - Industrial Complex succeeded on November 22, 1963, with the murder of John Kennedy. Howard Hunt's recent " confession " should awaken all Americans to the danger just around the corner.


The program of George W. Bush has turned out to be remarkably similar to that of the John Birch Society and the Council for National Policy, all eerily similar to what those plotters in the early 1930's were planning but did not bring off. Perhaps today's Republican Party is the successful version of the one that almost overthrew FDR. Perhaps if Smedly Butler had not "ratted" on them, the U.S. would have allied with Hitler, instead of with Churchill. Perhaps Bush is simply the aristocracy's delayed success. But certainly, were it not for the control by the aristocrats, this book by Jules Archer would have been published by a major publisher in its original in 1973, instead of by Hawthorne Books (which is the version that I have and from which I've been citing), and it wouldn't now be obscure.

Jules Archer's masterpiece was too good to be accepted by a major publisher; but, if it had been published by one of the majors, it would have become a best-seller and would now be universally recognized as the classic work that it is.


General Smedley Butler - American Hero



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