The Plot To Seize The White House





This book written by the late Jules Archer was almost immediately banned from the bookshelves by the U.S. Government (CIA?) and the corporate / political powers-that-be which are exposed therein, and very few original copies remained in circulation. As someone who was involved in the Military Intelligence community during the Vietnam War, I can tell you that people have been 'terminated with extreme prejudice'  by Covert Operations for lesser 'offenses' than Jules Archer committed by penning this singular work. For a while, copies of this book were unavailable, and the originals had become collector's items  ̶  like scarce comic books  ̶  valued for their rarity, not their content; treasured for their value as rare, and sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars in sealed plastic jackets never to be opened and read again.


When my good friend, the late Arthur Bernklau of Veterans For Constitutional Law showed me a copy of this book that he bought on eBay, I was shocked by what I read.


We felt that this book was important for every American to read  ̶  especially those among us that hold onto the belief that our government is a benevolent government, and that the politicians we {allegedly} elect to office have the best interests of their constituents at heart   ̶  and for a while, because we could not find a retailer for this book anywhere, we provided Web versions for all to read free, and PDF copies for download. Several other Web sites subsequently followed suit.


We, along with several other Web sites distributed the text of this book in order to preserve the content for American posterity, and have since (as of 9/9/2013) been advised by Skyhorse Publishing that the book is available. We have verified this, and removed the "free reading" text from our Web site. However, the historical importance of this singular work is the reason we will continue to promote this great work.


Well, enough said  ̶  this book will speak for itself. Its message is one that every American should read and receive with an open mind. What is contained within these covers is true; it is empirical fact.


We have also reproduced below, the original commentary from our Web site that explains why we believe this book should be read by every American who loves his country.


"The Webmaster's Corner"
(written 2007 by David Todeschini)

When I was a young boy (I am now 57), my late father who was an immigrant to this country (USA) from the village of Trento (the town where the movie "The Sound of Music" was filmed), told me the story of his trip by ocean liner to the shores of this nation, when he was a very young man. He quickly became a naturalized citizen, and subsequently served in the US Army's 100th Infantry  ̶  in a fight against the dictatorship he feared and fled from  ̶  and that was almost 80 years ago.


My father told me that as a young man; naive and inexperienced, he had a "gut feeling" about the Germans; and the political "rising star" Adolph Hitler in particular. Well.... everybody who has even picked up a history text knows the legacy that this demonically-possessed madman left in his wake  ̶  and fortunately, for him and for me, my father listened to his instincts and fled his native Austria while flight from the region was still possible.


Little do the American people realize, that the demon-spirit of the Nazis is far from dead; their philosophy is nowhere near being eradicated from the souls of some men; indeed, the spirit lives on, and has contaminated this government. In fact, the White House is currently occupied by descendants of the same people who assisted, aided and abetted the Nazis during World War 2, and it doesn't take much "research" to find that out and validate it as empirical fact, if you have access to the Internet.


The Nazi mentality sub nom, has infiltrated our schools, our court houses, our prisons, and has influenced the Supreme Court. "Little and Little" as Plutarch once said, it has infected our very thinking - until we no longer think like the Americans of the America that once was; the America that once promised to be the shining beacon of freedom; that shining city on the hilltop that everyone sought to emulate.

Because of our collective lack of vigilance; because we have allowed ourselves to become complacent in the acceptance of LIES, HALF-TRUTHS, and OUTRIGHT PROPAGANDA; because we have not risen up in righteous anger against it; because we have not held individuals in the government responsible for protecting our GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS, we find ourselves in a post 9-11 state of denial, and in a condition that can only be described as "Spiritually Dead", and "willingly ignorant".


We believe that by ignoring what we know in our hearts, and with our deep-down instincts to be true, that the evil will just go away. We believe that just because we "survived" by doing nothing the first time, that the key to survival is to repeat our inaction. This subconscious mental reasoning is precisely the reason that an abused spouse cannot bring herself to end an abusive relationship, and endures beating after brutal beating until ultimately, she ends up being murdered by her abuser (read "The Battered Spouse and The Abused Child").

This part of the site deals with a (formerly) suppressed book
 ̶  "The Plot To Seize The White House", by Jules Archer. What is contained within its pages is as relevant today as it was the day the book was published; as important today  ̶  if not more so  ̶  for the American people to know than it was when the events therein described happened. The book is factual; the events actually took place; and if an attempt at a White House Putsch did not then succeed, raises the question about the success or failure of subsequent attempts  ̶  Was the JFK Assassination an attempt to (again) seize control of the White House? Did it also fail, or were we just led to believe it was something else  ̶  or that by not revealing the possibility  ̶  that it never happened at all? Far be it from me to draw your conclusions FOR you; what I am doing here is merely presenting the evidence.... evidence so damning and disturbing, that the powers-that-be in the government have done everything in their power to keep you from learning of it.

This book exposes one attempt
 ̶  in detail  ̶  and illustrates to the reader, something that perhaps is out of the realm of things one thinks about when pondering our Constitutional Republic, but the possibility that a silent Coup d'état in our own government happened, exists nonetheless. There is an overwhelming collection of evidence to suggest that what we should fear most is not being revealed to us by the mainstream media, and indeed, that the mainstream media is merely an extension of the forthcoming Techno-Nazi dictatorship that is still, as of this writing, in its infancy and "cutting its teeth" so-to-speak, on the false flag operation "terrorist" attacks of 9-11  ̶  and the SAD part is.... the American People  ̶  not knowing their history  ̶  are letting them get away with it.... all over again!

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How many times have we taken advantage of each other’s good nature, or exploited someone’s kindness – taking it for weakness? How many times have we violated the trust placed in us by others? - This article describes the escalating condition of insensitivity in modern society - insensitivity to human suffering, and insensitivity even to the concept of right and wrong. This is a disease of our own making - and the closely-guarded secrets of mass deception that government uses to make us believe what they want us to believe, and behave the way they want us to behave.  - A Christmas story like you've never heard it told before. Some of the beautiful Apocryphal texts are quoted to make this a very realistic, powerful, and moving story. - Almost 2000 years ago, a medium-sized sailboat with 276 men aboard (Acts 27:37), set sail from the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea towards Rome, which was about 10,000 miles away. 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Laugh your ass off with the crew, and visit the web site for even more. - This short blog discusses the mentality of people who DEMAND respect without ever EARNING respect. This is a sub-culture in America which is directly related to the loss of Christian values. - A true moral dilemma is the decision to ruin your child's innocence with Sex-education and AIDS prevention classes, or risking that the child - in this aberrated society will engage in a single, innocent act of adolescent curiosity that could end-up killing him / her with AIDS. - Could you talk your way out of an insane asylum if you were "accidentally" committed? A team of researchers did a "double-blind" study , and you wouldn't believe what they discovered - but we knew it already, didn't we?  - A young woman is upbraided by Pastor Dave for cussin' up a storm in front of her 5 year-old son. How much of this sort of thing do we tolerate in this society? Someone has to draw the line. - What is the Hegelian Dialectic, and how does it figure in the scheme of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. The concept is not difficult to understand when explained in laymen's terms with a very practical example.

ARTHUR BERNKLAU of VETERANS FOR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW HAS POSTED SOME BLOGS HERE ALSO:  - Bernklau Vs. Principi lawsuit over VA Benefits.  - Bernklau on VA corruption to deny benefits to vets.  - Depleted Uranium ammunition in the Mideast Conflicts.  - The Gauntlet is thrown down – Bernklau’s tirade continues.  - Is this Justice?  - No draft without Constitutional Restorations.  - VA & The Law - One of Art's best articles on the Veteran's Administration.  - VA – Corruption in the Chicago Veteran’s Administration.
You can read these blogs on this web site and get Free PDF copies from Art Bernklau's Corner.


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